How To Choose The Best Robot Lawn Mower

How to Choose the Best Robot Lawn Mower

How to Choose the Best Robot Lawn Mower


The best robot lawn mowers automatically traversing lawns around the world today mean you can now set your own personal autonomous gardening assistant to work with just the touch of a button or simply by speaking a command. In this guide, we’re taking a look at the best automated lawnmowers for every requirement and budget.

On those scorching days when the sun is out in full force, a robot mower allows you to focus on what really matters while it takes care of the business of lawn care and maintenance.

When it comes to the automation of chores and regular tasks around the home, keeping things tidy inside is undeniably the remit of the robot vacuum cleaner while the outdoor space is increasingly handled by the latest generation of smart robot mowers who’s job it is to make sure the exterior of your home is kept as presentable as the interior.

Featuring an array of functionality designed to take the strain out of yard work, the best robot lawn mowers will get down to the job from the moment you give the word and return home to charge when finished.

The latest robot lawnmowers utilize an array of sensors and other smart tech features which allow them to work autonomously either in response to a command issued from you or as part of a pre-programmed schedule.

Explore our guide to the best robot lawnmowers and let technology take the strain out of your regular garden upkeep.

Robot Lawn Mowers – The Basics

If you’re looking to find the best robot lawn mower for your specific gardening or yard care needs, it helps to get to grips with some of the essential elements of what exactly a robot mower is, how they work, and the limitations of this kind of device over traditional, human-controlled mowers.

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As with any smart home device that is designed to save you time, or increase productivity by automating a household chore, it’s important to decide what you’re looking to achieve by bringing a robot helper into the mix. As well as budgetary considerations, you’ll want to identify the main factors specific to your outdoor space or situation that may impact your choice of machine.

For example, is your yard large or small? Do you live in an area with a predominantly dry or wet climate? How much control do you want to retain over the task of actually cutting the grass?

With some idea of the specific factors and constraints that are likely to be present, the job of identifying the best robo mower for the job will be much simpler.

What to Look for in the Best Robot Lawn Mower

There are a number of important things to consider when picking the best robot lawn mower for your outdoor space from battery life and the ability to schedule work, through to safety features and the effectiveness of the device when navigating uneven or sloped terrain.

Is it Programmable?

The option to program your robot mower is an essential feature if you’re looking for a solution that can be scheduled to operate at a specific time or day. If you opt for a mower which can be programmed, consider the specific features you want it to have to meet your needs.

More basic programmable units can be set up on the unit itself while some of the newer and higher-end models can be accessed remotely from a smartphone or similar device.

Does it have Multizone Capability?

If you’re likely to be using your automated grass cutter in an environment which is separated into multiple areas (think separate front and back lawn), then multizone capability is almost certainly a must-have feature on the mower you settle on.

Most multizone robot lawn mowers are able to cover anywhere up to four zones and choosing a machine with this ability will mean the device will be able to travel between the designated zones to continue cutting without hesitation.

How is it Powered?

Robotic lawn mowers most commonly get their juice from a battery contained in the unit itself which once depleted, will need to be charged again before your outdoor assistant can return to the job and work can be continued.

The most common method for recharging comes in the form of a charging dock that the mower will automatically return to when necessary.

When choosing your robot mower, consider how long the unit itself holds a charge, the likely cost of use (in terms of energy consumption) and based on the device and base unit, where it needs to be stored when inactive.

The Best Robot Lawn Mowers – Our Top Picks

We’ve put together the ultimate rundown of the very best robot lawn mowers to help you automate every aspect of your lawn maintenance routine. If you’re looking to find the best robot mower for every lawn-related challenge, then this guide is here to get you started.

Robomow RS630

With a base station to return to when not in action, the Robomow RS630 is truly autonomous, leaving to get to to work, cutting the lawn and then returning home to charge.

An on-board rain sensor allows the RS630 to ‘decide’ whether or not to begin cutting based upon current humidity levels.

This model of the Robomow range features brushless motors and is able to cover multiple zones of the garden and can operate on slopes of up to 36% incline.

In terms of safety features, the RS630 incorporates auto-stop blades which halt the blade rotation immediately the moment the machine is tilted or leaves the ground.

Learn More About the Robomow RS630 Here



WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

One of the features we love the most on the Worx Landroid is the ability to pre-programme mowing schedules.

Able to work on slopes of up to 20 degrees, the Landroid is capable of navigating narrow passages and a low noise operation allows it to do its work either during the day or at night.

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A shock sensor system allows the Landroid to mow around obstacles and as with all the best robot grass cutters, returns to base when power is low or if rain is detected.

Learn More About the WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower Here



Robomow RS612

The entry-level model in the premium Robomow range, the RS612 does not contain brushless motors (while the RS630 above does), however it is still a fully featured machine and a serious contender for an automated gardening assistant.

With built-in Bluetooth connectivity, the RS612 can be managed through either a smartphone or tablet using the companion Robomow app.

Designed to work on lawns up to a quarter of an acre (13,000 sqft), the  Robomow RS612 is able to cover multiple zones and will return to its charging station when required.

Learn More About the Robomow RS612 Here



Husqvarna Automower 315

The Husqvarna Automower 315 is a sleek solution to automating your lawn care.

With an operation range of up to 0.37 acres, the Automower 315 can handle inclines of up to 40% while smart technology allows the machine to detect and adapt to your lawn’s growth rate.

Personal settings for preferred operation times can be programmed into the unit to ensure that the mower sets off according to your schedule.


With the ability to handle rough terrain, steep inclines and to operate in heavy rain, the Husqvarna Automower 315 is a solid choice for a reliable finish without the effort.

Learn More About the Husqvarna 315 Robotic Lawn Mower Here


McCulloch ROB 1000 Robotic Mower

The ROB 1000 is fully programmable and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery means the device is capable of handling up to a quarter acre of grass per run before returning to the docking station to recharge.

Offering the ability to cut on slopes with an incline of up to 25%, this robot mower is a good choice if your yard isn’t completely level and includes gradients that need to be maintained along with the rest of the lawn.


Advanced programming of the device allows you to set specific time windows for mowing to take place and the inclusion of a ‘virtually silent’ motor means you can even have the mower operating at night without worrying about waking the neighbors.

As with most of the best robot mowers on the market today, the ROB 1000 is initially set up in your outdoor area by laying a simple boundary wire around any significant objects in your yard or garden which is used by the device to define the area to be mown.


One of the unique features of the ROB 1000 is that the device doesn’t actually collect grass in a bin or container for emptying later when full, but actually cuts the tips of each grass blade, leaving behind ‘micro clippings’ on the surface of the lawn which turn to mulch, making your grass healthier and greener than regular mowing methods.

Unlike some other mowers, the ROB 1000 utilizes an irregular cutting pattern (rather than the traditional ‘row’ pattern) meaning that your lawn won’t be left with marks or track lines after a heavy mowing session.

The safety features on the McCulloch device are similar to what you’d see on most of the best robot lawn mowers and range from an automatic blade cut-off if the device is tilted or flipped over, to a unique pivoting design which means the blades rotate inwards if a hard object is encountered.

One of the concerns some people have when considering an investment in a robot lawn mower is the potential for theft given the fact that the devices are much smaller than traditional mowers. The Rob 1000 includes a couple of useful security features on this front including a unique PIN code which is paired to the charging station which in turn will result in a loud audible alarm sounding if the device is picked up by a stranger.

Running on a lithium-ion battery means that the ROB 1000 is incredibly quiet and can work even while you’re sleeping (also a useful feature if you’re trying to relax outdoors while the lawn is being maintained. This operating flexibility is increased by weatherproofing which allows the device to operate in the rain.

Learn More About the McCulloch ROB 1000 Robotic Mower Here


Husqvarna Automower 430X

The Automower 430X from Husqvarna is perhaps the most sophisticated robot lawn mower on the market today, packing an incredible amount of smart technology under its sleek shell.

With the ability to cover an area of up to 0.8 acres (34,000 sqft), the 430X utilizes GPS-assisted navigation to help it cover every inch of your lawn and leaving no blade uncut.

A lithium-ion battery forms the power plant of the 430X and when it’s time to recharge, the device will automatically return to base with around 65 minutes of charging time until it’s ready to roll again.

Combining high performance, efficiency, and intelligence, the Automower 430X is an awesome choice if you’re looking for a robot lawn mower that does it all without skipping a beat.


One of the standout features of the 430X is the inclusion of GPS-assisted navigation which is used by the mower to effectively create an accurate map of the garden. Along with the installation of boundary and guide wires, the device will then utilize this navigation smart tech to work out which areas of the lawn have already been covered and work out the most efficient mowing pattern accordingly.

The Husqvarna Automower utilizes a  free movement pattern and uses blades which cut the grass from multiple directions, resulting in an even cut across your lawn and helping to prevent moss growth.

Among the smart features built into the Husqvarna smart mower is the inclusion of a ‘Weather Timer’ which is used to inform the device of when to expect periods of particularly strong grass growth and adjust the cutting schedule accordingly. If the system forecasts sunny or dry weather, the mower will spend less time on the lawn.

Safety is built into the Automower 430X from the ground up with automatic blade shut off when the device is lifted or if it tips over. Similarly, if the mower comes into contact with an obstacle, it will stop and redirect without causing any damage.

If you have an area of your lawn that is covered for a large length of time (under garden furniture for example), then the 430X’s Spot Cutting feature can be activated in the desired area, allowing the device to mow in a tight spiral before returning to automatic mode once done.

Designed with the harsh Nordic climate in mind, the 430X is totally weatherproof and is built to operate unattended whatever the conditions and time of day. Combine this with large course-treaded wheels which can handle slippery surfaces and slopes of up to 45% incline, and you’ve got a robot mower that can get on with its job, regardless of the conditions it operates in.

Learn More About the Husqvarna Automower 430X Here


Robomow RC306 Robotic Lawn Mower

The RC306 from Robomow is a great choice if you’re looking for a mid-range robotic mower that still packs in a lot of the smart features you’d probably expect from higher priced machines.

From slope handling capabilities and on-board rain sensors, through to multizone operation and the ability to return to its docking station when needed, the RC306 features all of the functionality you’d expect from one of the best robot lawn mowers.

The RC306 includes a high capacity Lithium-Ferrum battery meaning it can operate for longer periods at a time as well as advanced safety and security features to ensure your smart lawn assistant can work autonomously without any worry while it goes about its work.

Learn More About the Robomow RC306 Robotic Lawn Mower Here

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