Smart Office Devices To Power Up Your Productivity

Smart Office Devices to Power up your Productivity

Smart Office Devices Upright Smart Wearable Posture Trainer

Whether you’re working at home or in the office, the key factors for productivity, efficiency, and creativity often come down to the work-space around you and the tools you use to get the job done.

More than ever, connected technology and the Internet of Things are looking to make your work life easier and more rewarding than ever before, not only saving you time and money in the long run but providing some truly awesome tech smarts in the process.

It’s time to leave the old notion of office drudgery at the door. It’s time to work smarter.


Remove Distractions

Smart Office Devices Here Now Earbudsjpg

Utilizing a set of headphones to block out the noises of the outside world may not be a new strategy when it comes to looking to increase productivity, but the latest generation of noise cancelling Smart Earbuds from Here One are looking to take this to the next level.

These wireless earbuds utilize Bluetooth to connect with your compatible devices meaning you can use them to listen to music or make calls from a paired phone.  The ability to block out distractions using noise cancellation technology makes the Here One earbuds ideally suited for noisy environments such as the office and commuting, or to eliminate the sound of that construction work outside or the neighbors barking dog.

Providing 2 hours of operational run time between charges when used wirelessly, these smart earbuds are designed to offer a discrete solution to removing the distractions of the day and allowing you to get down to business.

Learn more about the Here One Smart Earbuds here


Sit Straight

Smart Office Devices Upright Posture.jpg

As we all know, good posture and desk working don’t exactly go hand in hand when it comes to working in an office or using a keyboard for most of the day.

The smart answer to hunching over your desk every day may have arrived with the Upright Smart Posture Trainer which is looking to rehab your sitting habits and bring you back into perfect alignment.

By sticking the device to your upper or lower back, the system works by measuring and correcting your posture through a series of monitored feedback and training suggestions to re-program your posture throughout the day.

Learn more about the Upright Smart Wearable Posture Trainer here


Breathe Easy

Smart Office Devices Airmega 400S.jpg

Whether it’s Summer or Winter, the chances are there are irritants of some kind in the air you breathe.

One of the best ways to improve the quality of the air in your workspace is through the use of an air filter and the latest iteration of connected devices such as the Airmega 400S Smart Air Purifier are designed to tackle exactly this problem.

Controllable via a companion app or using your voice through built-in Alexa compatibility, the Airmega 400S provides real-time feedback (through a user-friendly LED display system on the unit itself) on the quality of the air in the room, as well as utilizing a ‘smart mode’ to automatically adjust the filtration speed in response to the air quality around it.

If you’re looking for a connected solution to guarantee the quality of the air you breathe in an area of up to 1560 sq ft, then you can’t do much better than this smart filter.


Take a Note

Smart Office Devices Livescribe3.jpg

We’ve all been there. That meeting where you take notes but miss the most vital element of what was actually said when you went to write it down.

Those days are a thing of the past when you use a smart pen like the Livescribe 3 to get it done.

Effectively a pen and dictaphone rolled into one, the Livescribe 3 will actually transcribe what you write down on paper into an identical digital format on a paired tablet or smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity to communicate.

If you’re writing something down, the Livescribe 3 will also utilize the microphone in the connected tablet or phone to take an audio recording of the meeting you’re in, tying it up to the physical, handwritten notes which it’s digitized on the paired device. You can then access both the digital version of your notes and the recording in one place at a later date for convenience.

Taking minutes just got a whole lot easier.

Learn more about the Livescribe 3 here


Save Energy

Smart Office Devices WeMo Mini Smart Plug

There are usually a lot of devices occupying the power outlets in a workspace or home office, and where this is the case, there’s always the potential for leaving things powered on without realizing it.

Whether we’re talking about printers, copiers, lamps or fans, having the ability to know everything has been switched off at the end of the workday not only provides peace of mind, it can also help you save big when it comes to energy bills.

The latest smart power outlets and plugs provide you with the ability to both remotely control all of your socket-based appliances and devices and even automate when they turn on and off each day, meaning when it’s time to clock off, things will also power down without you having to lift a finger.

One of the best names in the business here is WeMo with their Mini Smart Plugs providing an excellent low-profile way of ensuring that everything in the office is only drawing power when needed.

Providing a built-in ability to work with Alexa means that not only can you schedule these amazing smart plugs to switch off when not needed, but you can also do so using your voice – perfect for those hot summer days where you need the fan switched on but simply can’t make it across the office to hit the switch.

Learn more about the WeMo Mini Smart Plug here


Virtual Assistance

Smart Office Devices Amazon Echo

Voice control is undoubtedly the future of the smart home environment and this trend naturally extends into the remit of smart office devices, with almost as many aspects of productivity assistance covered by smart voice controllers as there are other compatible connected devices on the market.

The leaders in the field of voice-controlled automation and assistance at present are Amazon with their Alexa range of controllers and Google with their Google Home device.

In the work environment where efficiency and productivity are perhaps most important factors of all, the benefits of being able to call on a virtual smart assistant such as the Alexa enabled Amazon Echo are numerous.

From asking Alexa a question about exchange rates, defining a word or telling you the traffic on the roads, to using your voice to turn up the lights while you work, voice-controlled virtual assistants are transforming what it means to multitask.

Learn more about Amazon Echo and Alexa enabled devices here

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