The Best Smart Nursery Products And Smart Baby Monitors

The Best Smart Nursery Products and Smart Baby Monitors

The Best Smart Nursery Products and Smart Baby Monitors

Smart baby monitors and smart nursery products are bringing connected technology into the realm of infant care, health, and monitoring. From connected baby monitors to intelligent bottle warmers, air quality monitors and even smart changing mats, the latest smart nursery products, and baby monitoring devices will give you more peace of mind than ever before, wherever you are in the house.

With the revolution in interconnected technology fully underway, there are now more options than ever when it comes to utilizing smart technology to help remove some of the worries from keeping an eye on the most important parts of your life.

In this guide, we’ve taken a look at some of the very best smart nursery products and smart baby monitors on the market today for a healthy, happy baby and peace of mind for parents.

Getting Started with Smart Nursery Products

Whether it’s infant health and wellbeing or real-time connected baby monitoring, connected smart devices are stepping in to help out in the nursery.

If you have access to a smartphone and a wireless network in your home, the chances are you’ve got everything you need to start assembling a smart nursery that relays real-time information from the crib side to your phone when baby’s asleep as well as allowing you to track essential health metrics with smart thermometers, and even controlling the quality of the air in the room automatically or remotely to maintain the optimal conditions at all times.

The Best Smart Baby Monitors and Smart Baby Cameras

Baby monitors have come a long way with the growth in smartphones, connected devices, and the Internet of Things. Providing the ability to see whatever your smart camera sees through an internet connected smartphone or tablet means that wherever you are in the house (or in the world, subject to a decent internet connection), you’ll be able to keep an eye on your nursery.

This means that whether you’re down in the living room watching TV or out for a meal while the babysitter watches things at home, you’ll be able to monitor how things are going in the nursery just by glancing at your phone’s screen.

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor With True Crying Detection

The Smart Baby Monitor from Lollipop pairs up effortlessly with your smartphone or tablet allowing control of the camera through an app and total monitoring of whichever room baby and camera are currently in.

A flexible body allows the Lollipop smart baby camera to attach or wrap around a convenient surface whether it’s the side of a crib, shelf, or other surfaces in the room. The immediate advantage of this is that when baby starts to get older (and more prone to exploring) you can quickly and easily relocate the camera to a higher – and harder to reach – location in the room.


One of the unique selling points of the Lollipop is undoubtedly the in-built crying detection feature which is smart enough to distinguish between whether your baby is crying or just chattering using a decibel detection system. This provides great peace of mind as well as saving countless trips back and forth to the room for false alarms.

Two-way audio is a core piece of functionality that ties perfectly with the visual capture of the camera and not only lets you monitor the nursery but also communicate with whoever’s on the other side, whether that’s baby or babysitter.

The app is the main way of interfacing with the camera and keeping watch over the room where the device is set up and can be used by multiple people meaning both parents can keep an eye on the nursery

An event history on the app is also a great feature (and usually one that costs extra with other smart camera systems) allowing you to view the notable events that the device has captured and recorded throughout the day.

Learn More About the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor Here


Project Nursery HD WiFi Video Baby Monitor System

This smart baby monitor system utilizes WiFi compatibility allowing you to keep an eye on your baby wherever you are on your smartphone or tablet using the free Project Nursery app.

Providing all of the top level functionality you’d expect from a smart baby monitoring camera, the Project Nursery system offers a high-definition picture, two-way communication, infrared night vision, temperature, and motion detection, with alerts sent directly to your phone.

The Project Nursery HD Video Baby Monitor is also capable of playing lullabies, white noise or nature sounds directly from the device while the two-way communication feature allows you to talk (or sing) to baby from wherever you are.

Learn More About the Project Nursery HD WiFi Video Baby Monitor System Here


Snuza Go! and Snuza Pico Baby Movement Monitors

The Snuza Go! and Snuza Pico Baby Movement Monitors are incredibly simple in principle while being both super smart and effective in helping you monitor the movements and status of your baby during sleep.

Once clipped to your baby’s diaper, the Snuza devices monitor his or her movements, paying particular attention to watching out for weak abdominal movements or instances where there are fewer than eight detectable movements per minute. If abdominal movements aren’t picked up by the system for 20 seconds by the Go! (also changeable to 15 or 18 seconds) an audible alarm will be sounded.

In the case of the Snuza Pico, the device will automatically vibrate to rouse your baby and resume abdominal movements if no movement is detected after 15 seconds.

While in monitoring and rousing mode, the Snuza Pico will continue this monitor/vibrate procedure when required and if no movement is detected after three consecutive vibration attempts, the device will then alert you with a similar ‘rouse warning’ audible alarm to let you know there’s been no movement.

Learn More About the Snuza Go! Baby Movement Monitor Here and the Snuza Pico Here


The Best Smart Infant Health Devices

Motorola Smart Nursery Baby & Me Scale

This smart scale from Motorola Baby is designed to help you track your baby’s growth and development.

Utilizing the Hubble smartphone and tablet app, the device allows you to weigh both yourself and your baby from the safety of your arms, using the app to track both of your progress over time.

The Smart Nursery Baby & Me Scale is battery powered and uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to compatible devices for weight monitoring, with the device itself allowing measurement up to 330 lbs total weight.

Learn More About the Motorola Smart Nursery Baby & Me Scale Here


Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer

The Smart Ear Thermometer from Kinsa is perfect for quickly and accurately taking a reading from your child or sleeping baby at the push of a button (temperature can be taken in around 1 second) for a quick and tearless checking.

With wireless syncing capability built in as standard and compatibility with most iOS and Android devices, the Smart Ear Thermometer can be paired with the companion app on either your smartphone or tablet. From here, medical data can be shared easily with your family doctor whenever needed. As well as this, the Kinsa gives useful real-time guidance on when to take meds and when to call the doctor.

The Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer offers a 2 year/1000 reading battery life and is both BPA and latex Free.

Learn More About the Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer Here


Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

The latest generation of the Smart Changing Pad from Hatch Baby integrates a lot of technology into what’s always been a nursery room mainstay.

Combining a traditional baby changing pad with a built-in wireless smart scale, the Grow Smart Changing Pad lets you easily track the essential health metrics of your infant and bringing all of the essential data to your smartphone or tablet for monitoring.

Through automated syncing with the Hatch Baby app, the Grow keeps track of your child’s weight to allow you insight into feeding and sleeping patterns as well as allowing you to easily share any collected weight and feeding data with caregivers when required.

Providing precision to .25 of an ounce, the Grow is designed to help you accurately measure feeding amounts.

Learn More About the Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad Here


Owlet Smart Sock 2

What looks at first like a simple fabric sock actually contains a whole load of smart technology designed to measure and monitor your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels.

Using a combination of clinically proven pulse oximetry in the monitor itself alongside a Bluetooth connection to alert you via the app if something doesn’t look right, the Owlet Smart Sock allows complete peace of mind that your baby’s vitals are always being watched while they sleep.

The wearable element of the Owlet is the Smart Sock itself, effectively a cotton sock that fits infants from 0-18 months and wraps comfortably around either the left or right foot.

A separate base station receives data from the Smart Sock via Bluetooth and passes on to an iOS or Android smartphone using the Owlet app, allowing you to view real-time stats and receive alerts if required.

Learn More About the Owlet Smart Sock 2 Here


Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper

SNOO is one of the smartest baby sleeping systems currently on the market and utilizes a combination of modern swaddling, soothing white noise, and automated motion delivery to simulate the conditions of life in the womb – just the thing for a perfect night’s sleep.

The key to success for the SNOO Smart Sleeper is the gentle rocking motion provided by the device which, accompanied by a relaxing white noise, helps babies up to 6 months find their way to a relaxed night of sleep.

A unique swaddling system called the SNOO Sack keeps your baby secure without unraveling and overheating often associated with traditional methods of wrapping before bed while specially designed clips ensure your baby sleeps on its back throughout the night.

If the system detects crying or signs of disturbance, it will automatically add more white noise or motion to help calm restless infants in no time at all.

Learn More About the SNOO Smart Sleeper Here


The Best Smart Nursery Nightlights

Smart nightlights and smart sleeping aids have come a long way from the traditional plug-in comfort light and now offer everything from automatic white noise generation through to Bluetooth controlled music streaming to help infants off to sleep in no time at all.

Hatch Baby Rest Smart Night Light and Sound Machine

Effectively a nightlight, sound machine, and time-to-rise alert all combine in one smart nursery device, the Hatch Baby Rest is a smart nightlight solution that grows with your child, changing as required.

Total control from your phone allows you to customize everything from color and brightness to sound and volume while programs can also be set to activate automatically.

The ability to change the functionality of this smart nightlight means that it offers soft light and white noise for babies, a calming nightlight for preschoolers and even acts as a wake-up light to help older children get out of bed in the morning.

Learn More About the Hatch Baby Rest Smart Night Light and Sound Machine Here


Project Nursery Sight & Sound Sleep Soother Projector

This smart nursery projector connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to allow you to stream music or audio of your choice in sync with a color light display projected onto a wall of your child’s room.

The Sight & Sound Sleep Soother comes with 3 full-color rotating image discs for projecting onto a ceiling or wall as well as a 3-setting dimming mode for use as a nightlight.

If you don’t want to stream your own audio to the device, it also comes pre-loaded with 7 lullabies, natural sounds, and white noise to help bring about sleep.

Once activated, this smart nursery projector features a timer with four settings – always on, 15, 30, and 60 minutes – to allow you to use for the optimal time for aiding with your child’s sleep and night time routine.

Learn More About the Project Nursery Sight & Sound Sleep Soother Projector with Bluetooth Here


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