The Best Smart Pet Trackers, Activity Monitors And GPS Collars

The Best Smart Pet Trackers, Activity Monitors and GPS Collars

Keeping track of your pet when you’re out and about (or when they are!) can be tough at the best of times and a continual fear of pet owners everywhere is the possibility of their animal going missing.

The latest breed of smart pet trackers and GPS enabled collars is looking to make lost pets a thing of the past, making it easier than ever before to track down and find your cat or dog if they go AWOL.

We sniffed out the best in class and our guide to the top pet trackers and best activity monitors will help you find the device to bring peace of mind that your four-legged friend is always safe and sound, whatever they get up to.

The Best Smart Pet Trackers and GPS Collars

Link AKC

When you’ve got the backing of the American Kennel Club, you know you’re onto a winner, and in the world of smart pet wearables, the Link AKC is undeniably awesome.

The Link AKC is both stylish and functional, allowing you to always know the exact location of your dog as well as letting you monitor the activity and health of your pet in real-time.

Offering the ability to create virtual ‘safe zones’ using the companion Link AKC app, the device will track your dog and send you alerts whenever he or she leaves your designated zone.

As well as offering some of the more traditional pet tracking smarts, the Link AKC also features a sound which can be used as a training aid for your dog, while the collar itself includes an LED for illuminating nighttime walks.

Learn more about Link AKC here



Best Smart Pet Trackers Scollar

If you’re after a smart pet collar that covers a wide range of bases for a connected pet tracking solution, then the latest device by smart pet brand Scollar is an excellent choice.

One of the unique selling points of the Scollar over other smart pet trackers and collars on the market today is that it’s built around a ‘modular’ system with the option to purchase several upgrade component modules which increase the functionality of the base unit even further.

In terms of smart features, Scollar offers tracking and perimeter fencing (buzzing the device if your pet goes somewhere he shouldn’t), as well as the ability to open certain electronic pet doors using a built-in radio frequency chip. Scollar is also able to monitor ambient temperature and sends an alert if your pet is at risk from excess cold or heat.

Utilizing Bluetooth BLE and WiFi, Scollar operates without monthly fees.

Learn more about Scollar here


Whistle 3

Best Smart Pet Trackers Whistle 3

A standalone device that simply clips onto your existing collar (with at least 1-inch of width), the Whistle 3 brings GPS smart tracking technology to your dog or cat’s wardrobe so you can pull real-time location data as well as setting up geofencing and alerts if your pet strays outside of the designated zone.

While currently only available within the mainland US, the Whistle 3 offers advanced GPS tracking on a subscription basis to pinpoint the location and let you know wherever your animal ends up.

Closer to home, if your pet leaves the perimeter you’ve set up, the system utilizes WiFi to alert you to the event within the app or via SMS or email.

As well as providing smart pet tracking capabilities, Whistle 3 is also a highly effective activity monitor, allowing you to keep track of the physical wellbeing of your pet based on breed, age, and weight.

Learn more about Whistle 3 here



Best Smart Pet Trackers FitBark

Using an accelerometer to record the activity of your dog, the Fitbark utilizes stats about your pet (breed, weight etc) to let you know how far he is from smashing those fitness related goals each day.

The device doesn’t use a GPS signal and so is not tied to a subscription service.

One of the things we really appreciate with the Fitbark however is the way in which it provides an overview of activity information and data to allow you find out exactly when your pet is most active, and when not so much.

Learn more about Fitbark here



Best Smart Pet Trackers PetPace

The PetPace smart collar and activity monitor is visually in-line with how you might imagine a more traditional pet collar to look.

However, looks are where the similarities with old-school collars end.

PetPace packs in a ton of smart features to allow you to comprehensively monitor your pet’s health, providing details on everything from pulse, respiration, and temperature, through to activity levels and calorie burning stats. All of this information can then be accessed directly by your vet, meaning if things don’t seem quite right, they’ll be ready to help at a moment’s notice.

Learn more about PetPace here



Best Smart Pet Trackers Wuf

If you’re on the hunt for an all-in-one smart pet tracker and activity monitor, then WÜF could be exactly what you’re after.

One of the amazing things about WÜF is that it not only includes GPS for knowing the whereabouts of your four-legged friend but also integrates two-way audio so you can stay in touch when you’re out and your pet decides to ‘go exploring’ on their own.

Available for pre-order now, the full launch specs of the device aren’t known, but we’re definitely excited based on what we’ve seen and heard so far.

Learn more about WÜF here



Best Smart Pet Trackers PitPat

Among a couple of the stand-out features of this smartphone compatible pet activity monitor are the fact that it offers a year’s worth of battery life as well as being housed within a unit which is totally waterproof, both of which will be welcome news to dog owners.

By allowing you to keep an eye on the activity levels and movement of your dog all day, PitPat will not only provide you with a record of exercise levels but will also provide you with a rundown of the calories burnt during the day.

Learn more about PitPat here



Best Smart Pet Trackers TabCat

Designed by GPS brand Loc8tor, the TabCat is a feline-specific locator that works slightly differently to some of the other smart pet trackers out there.

Using an RF receiver (as opposed to a dedicated app on your smartphone), TabCat is a bit like cat-sonar, feeding the signal of your cat’s collar tracker back to the receiver as a beep, helping you to locate your missing mog when you’re within 400 feet.

While the technology behind TabCat may seem less sophisticated than some of the other GPS and app-based devices out there, the major benefit to this smart cat tracker is the relatively small size of the unit which makes it perfectly suited for your cat to comfortably wear. This is one of the reasons that in the smart pet tracking sphere, more devices tend to be aimed at dogs due to the larger footprint of smart collar trackers that utilize GPS.

Another major benefit of the TabCat system is that as it uses RF rather than GPS, you don’t need to pay for a dedicated subscription to get going.

Learn more about TabCat here

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