Smart Seller Trade In Program

You could buy your dream home now!

Want to buy a new home, but feel you can’t get out of your old house? Would you like to take advantage of the historically low interest rates, but feel stuck? You are not alone! Fortunately, there may be a solution for you!

This unique train-in program give you “seller solutions” that are custom tailored to you and your family. From buying your old house to our guaranteed lease option program, there is an answer.

Choose from one of three programs listed below: Trade-In {equity required}; Listing: or Lease {no equity required}.

You could trade-in your old house for a brand new built home with the Trade-In Program*

Why live in an old house when you could live in a brand new, energy-efficient home? This trade-In Program offers many options for buyers who need to sell or lease their houses before they buy new. Even with no equity in your present home, or even negative equity, this program helps you explore all your possibilities at no cost to you.

Contact us using the form below or visit any of our communities and speak with one of our Community Representatives who can connect with our Program Agent. **

1 Trade-In {equity required}

Program agents will simply buy your house at a mutually agreed upon discounted price, and you purchase a brand new home.

2 Listing Program

Program agents agree to list your house at a reduced commission, in order for you to purchase a brand new home.

3 Lease Program

Program agents set up guaranteed lease assistance for you up to three years on your current house, with low management fees when you purchase a new home from us.

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